Project № BG16M1OP001-5.001-0006

 Design and Implementation of Integrated Information System (IISfor planning and management of resources in Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company


Project is financed by Priority Axes 5 Technical Assistance of Operational Programme on Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020



Total cost of the Project: 6 377 831,36 BGN

Grant: 5 229 605,60 BGN

European Regional Development Fund: 4 445 164,76 BGN

National co-financing to the Grant: 784 440,84 BGN

Funding of BPI Co.: 1 148 225,76 BGN

Start of the Project: 27.04.2016

End of the Project: 27.05.2019

BeneficiaryBulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.)


  Design and Implementation of Integrated Information System (IIS) for planning and managing the resources in BPI Co. aims at increase the quality and efficiency of the company management. The implemented SAP ERP system is a combination of the most advanced technological solutions to manage all business processes applied by BPI Co.

  Project specific objectives:

  • Improve management and control of resources and optimization of processes for maintenance and operation of existing port infrastructure, sustainability and upgrade acquired administrative capacity in BPI Co. during the programming period of OPT 2007-2013.
  • Improving efficiency of the management of the beneficiary in planning and implementation of investment projects, and accelerating the implementation of projects under 2014-2020 OPTTI by creating connectivity between structural units of the company through better information provision.
  • Achieving greater transparency in the management of the beneficiary and the introduction of good business practices in the management of finance, accounting and management accounting, revenue management and cost optimization, integrated management of corporate fixed assets.

Some of the Project tasks are associated with increasing the efficiency of the structures of the enterprise through better information provision concerning:

  • Management and cost optimization;
  • Integrated management of corporate fixed assets;
  • Projects management;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Management accounting;
  • Management of finance;
  • Management maintenance of facilities.

The goal is to create and maintain a common operating picture of BPI Co. resources and reduce the use of paper documents.

  The Project is implemented the following modules:

  • Management of finance, accounting and management accounting;
  • Management and optimize costs;
  • Management of revenues;
  • Integrated management of corporate fixed assets;
  • Management of provisioning;
  • Projects management;
  • Human Resource Management.

 Additional functionalities:

  • Calculator fees – to serve the process of incomes from sea and river port fees is deployed Calculator fees „Sea ports” and Calculator fees “Inland ports”, covering the following functionality:
  • Import data for port calls;
  • Calculation of fees due;
  • Creation of sales order, invoice, credit or debit notification
  • Approvals via mobile devices – in order to maximize flexibility and efficiency in purchasing process in the course of the project is activated functionality for approval of contracts for delivery orders on mobile devices. By the help of SAP Fiori every authorized user has remote access via various mobile devices to different functionalities of the system as review of the supply contracts, approval or refusal.

 Immediate results:

  • Introduced unified procedures for decision-making;
  • Achieved greater transparency in governance through complete traceability of individual business processes;
  • Centralization of all data and analyses in the company;
  • A single version of information in various reporting sections;
  • Elimination of the risks of errors in manual processing and calculation fees;
  • Creation of a single platform for planning, reporting and controlling the investment programme of the company;
  • Ensure full traceability of ongoing projects throughput their life cycle.

 Five phases of the project:

  • Phase 1– Project Preparation Prepare to create a comprehensive organization and management of the project. Drawn up strategy for implementation, initial planning and outlining a plan for project implementation.
  • Phase 2– Business Blueprint Prepared conceptual design and in-details defined and documented all requirements of BPI Co. As a result of the initial study and defining the business process of the company is prepared and approved the document Business Blueprint, which is the basis for the further implementation of the system. Delivered computing and communications infrastructure and is built Development and Test structure of the SAP solution.
  • Phase 3– Realization Carried out all configurations and supplementary expansions of the SAP systems, following the approved by BPI Co business blueprint. Performed various tests to verify that the system meets these requirements and is ready to go-live in operational regime.
  • Phase 4– Final Preparation Trained end users, prepared plan to start work in an operational situation, and carried out migration of data from existing systems to the new integrated system.
  • Phase 5– Go-Live and Support Verified readiness for go-live of the new system and performed transition from pre go-live situation to a successful start. Assistance to end users for system’s go-live. Developed procedure for system support.

 Project Manager: Anna Mihneva-Natova – Project Management Director, tel.: + 359 (2)8079950, e-mail: