Since 2014 Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Co. has launched an electronic service for access to the data of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the port infrastructure. The system maintains up-to-date data on the condition of the public transport ports state-owned infrastructure: areas, buildings, facilities, road and railway sections, warehouses, navigation service equipment and other facilities. 

The GIS technology makes it possible for the accumulated data and information to be used for specific studies, resource management, regional and territorial planning, as well as for economic process modelling.

Using the electronic service is free of charge and the access is provided by submitting an application-declaration. When submitting the application, it should be specified for the area of which of the branches of the BPI Co. the access is requested.

An application for access to the Geographic Information System of the port infrastructure may be submitted, as follows:

  • by filling-in the enclosed e-form;
  • by sending a completed Application to the Head Office of BPI Co.: 1574 Sofia, 69 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd, fl. 4, or by fax: +359 (0) 2 807 99 66;
  • by sending a scanned copy of the completed application form at the following email address:


By pressing "SEND", I declare that:

  1. I wish to be allowed an access to WEB-GIS of BPI Co. at the state din the present Application, e-address.
  2. I ACKNOWLEDGE AND ACCEPT GENERAL TERMS OF USE the module for WEB clients of the Geographic Information System of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company.
  3. I agree, when creating user name to receive automatically generated password, to the stated in this Application, e-mail.


General Provisions to use a module for WEB Clients of Geographic Information System of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company

Download Application for access to GIS