Instruction for completing the Application for Access to subsystem Vessel Traffic Visualisation of BULRIS 


The Application Form is completed in the following form (the filling is electronic, not handwritten), which must necessarily have the following requisites:

  1. The full names of the persons for whom access is requested. For non-Bulgarian nationals an English application is used and the completion is in Latin.
  2. The name of the company and the position occupied by the person who will be granted access to the system must be stated;
  3. Topical address for correspondence of each person;
  4. Personal contact number for each person;
  5. Fax number (if available);
  6. Exactly written email address for each person, all characters required to avoid errors.

The ways of submitting the completed application in Specialised Division Directorate (SDD) Vessel Traffic Service Authority – River Danube are the following:

  1. The completed electronic form is printed and signed and then scanned is sent to an email address: Upon receipt of the accounts, the original of the application shall be provided, signed and stamped.
  2. The original of the application is provided to SDD Vessel Traffic Service Authority – River Danube, 7000 Ruse, 20A Pristanistna St.
  3. The completed and printed electronic form is sent by courier to the address: 7000 Ruse, 20А Pristanistna St. p.b. 11 SDD Vessel Traffic Service Authority – River Danube.

The applicant is personally responsible for the correctness of the data submitted in the application.


General provisions for RIS Services

Download Application for BULRIS Access