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Project BG161PO004-5.0.01-0069

Improvement the material-technical conditions in Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company in the capacity of beneficiary under Operational Programme on Transport



Financed by the European regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme on Transport 2007–2013 under Priority Axes V „Technical Assistance”

The Contract between the Head of OP „Transport” 2007–2013 and Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, in the capacity of beneficiary, is signed on 25.07.2013.

Total project cost:1 521 924,00 BGN

Financing from ERDF: 1 089 963,50 BGN

National co-financing to the grant: 192 346,50 BGN

Own funds: 239 614,00 BGN.

Deadline of the project: 30.09.2015

The activities, provided for implementation were accomplished in April 2015.


     Project Main Objective

Improving the efficiency of the workflow of the experts involved in the activities of preparation, coordination, management, monitoring, evaluation, control, audit, publicity and information on projects funded by OPT by improving the technology and working conditions.


Project specific objectives

  • Harmonization of the working environment and bring it European norms and standards of modern office equipment;
  • Ensuring an adequate audit trail (in paper or electronic format) of the documents on OPT.

       Basic activities  

      The main activities of the project Improvement the material-technical conditions of BPIC, implemented under the OP „Transport” 2007-2013 were the following:

  • Design and implementation of construction works for the reconstruction and change of use of premises of BPIC in „offices” and commissioning with use permit
  • Purchase of tangible assets for furnishing of offices, equipment and software;


  Results attained

The project contributed to the highest possible quality of performance and impact of projects under Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 in which Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company is a beneficiary.

The implemented activities are directly related to improving the quality of management, execution, monitoring and control of projects under OPT 2007 – 2013 in which BPIC is a beneficiary. One of the conditions for effective and efficient management and implementation of projects under OPT is the creation of good technical facilities and equipment.

The project objectives are achieved through the reorganization of the premises owned by the Head office of BPIC from „canteen” in the modern office, which will ensure adequate working conditions for the experts, directly engaged in preparation, coordination, management, monitoring, evaluation, supervision, audit, provision of information and publicity of projects funded by OPT.

Project contractors

  • Contract № CEP – 3/14.02.2012, contractor „Suny City” EOOD with subject „Elaboration of application form on Priority Axes „Technical Assistance”
  • Contract № CEP – 10/27.04.2011, contractor Audit – Engineering Peichevi” OOD with subject „Preparation of shooting and variant patterns of decisions on the allocation of working spaces”
  • Contract № CEP - 16/06.08.2012, contractor DEKO CONSULT” EOOD  with subject „Preparation of investment project for reorganization of premises”
  • Contract № CEP- 3 / 02.04.201, contractor „Electra Team” OOD with subject „Performance of construction- assembly works for reorganization of premises of BPIC”
  • Contract CEP-25/20.12.2013, contractor SP „BEXA-59-VESELIN HRISTOV” with subject “Construction supervision”
  • Contract № CEP-1/22.01.2015, contractor „NIKROM MEBEL” JSC with subject “Purchase of material assets to furnish the offices on OPT”
  • Contract № CEP – 12/25.06.2012, contractor “TecnoLogika” EADД with subject “Deployment and maintenance of software for project management
  • Contract № CEP-8/01.08.2014, contractor „COMSOFT” OOD with subject “Purchase of technical equipment”
  • Contract CEP-7/20.06.2014, contractor „Office Express Service” JSC with subject “Delivery of stationary materials and accessories”


Project Manager: Dipl. Eng. Emilia Lekova – Chef Expert, Infrastructure, Water Area and Property Directorate; Tel. 02 807 99 63, e.lekova@bgports.bg