Strengthening the Administrative Capacity of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company to implement projects on Operational Programme on Transport 2007 - 2013




By Decision OPT-53/07.12.2010 by the Head of the managing Authority of Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 (OPT) to provide grants is approved the project  Strengthening the administrative capacity  of the Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company to implement project on OPT 2007-2013. By Contract COPT-1/04.01.2011 is provided grant under the project. The project is financed under Priority Axes V „technical Assistance" on OPT. The total project cost is 546 000,00 BGN, the amount of the admissible costs under the project is 455 000 BGN, whereas the cost of the financial grant from the European Regional Development Fund is  386 750,00 BGN, which is 85% of the amount of the admissible costs on the project.

The project include a complex of specialized consulting services to strengthen the administrative capacity in implementation of projects, financed by OP Transport 2007-2013 which to be provided to BPIC, in the capacity of beneficiary on OPT.

By the successful implementation of the project in BPIC will be organized a specialized administrative structure for the preparation, management, implementation and monitoring of projects. The activities will lead to strengthening of the administrative capacity of BPIC for the implementation of more effective preparation, management and control of the implementation of projects under OP Transport 2007-2013 (OPT).

Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities of BPIC as a beneficiary under OPT Transport and in preparation, implementation, management and control of projects financed by the Programme. By strengthening the administrative capacity and increasing the efficiency of the work, the project will contribute to improving the overall system for managing the funds on Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 г.

Scope of activities:

The Project is separated into two Phases :
PHASE 1: Technical Assistance for analysis the condition and evaluation of the administrative capacity of BPIC for preparation, management and control on implementation of projects, financed under OP Transport  – Phase 1;

PHASE 2: Technical Assistance for strengthening the administrative capacity of BPIC in preparation, management, implementation and control on projects, financed by OP Transport 2007-2013;

Budget (VAT excluding): 455 000 BGN
Phase 1: 50 000 BGN
Phase 2: 405 000 BGN

In January 2011 completed the implementation of Phase 1 of the project. Within the planned activitie with the assistance of the consultant’s analysis of the situation and the administrative-functional structure of BPIC was done a review of the work processes related to the preparation, management and monitoring of projects under OPT, it was prepared an assessment on needs of specialized training of the employees according to their functions relating to the preparation and implementation of projects under OP Transport as well as review and assessment of the internal rules and procedures of the beneficiary relevant to the OPT and the risk assessment in project management.

As a result of the activities carried out, pursuant to Art. 115o, item 5 of the law on maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria the Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications has approved the Regulation on the structure, functions and activities of Bulgarian ports Infrastructure Company, applying the results of the first phase of the project.

Administrative unit is organized in BPIC that is directly engaged in the planning, development and project management and implementation functions of the beneficiary of BPIC.

For the activities within the scope of Phase 2 by open procedure is selected contractor for the second phase of the project. The consultant shall develop internal regulations relating to the management and successful implementation of projects funded by OPT in which Bulgarian ports Infrastructure Company is a beneficiary, and also to organize specialized training for employees on strengthening the administrative capacity for project management financed with EU funds.

Project Manager: Lyudmila Ivanova– Director Management of EU Funds Directorate, Tel. 02 807 99 44,